Wedding Guest Dress Part 1. The Bodice Toile

Front view (Karl says it looks like a bra…)

After many, many alternations, I am finally happy with the fit of the toile I made for my wedding guest dress. My dear friend Z is getting married in June and I’ve been so excited to make my own dress for the big day since she got engaged! However, as the time draws near I’ve been struggling to find the same level of enthusiasm – no doubt in part because the threat of failure becomes more real with each passing day.
I started off with the Butterick 5748 pattern but once I made a bodice toile for that I realised it didn’t really suit my shape, lovely though the pattern is.

So I searched the internet for a longer, more open necked dress and came upon New Look 6401, version B. It’s a little alarming upon first glance that the photo on the cover is of a bridal dress as I’m in no way trying to upstage the bride! But if you look at the other designs, and B in particular, they are just maxi dresses, really. In fact, I’m tempted to make another version in my beautiful  butterfly chiffon if this version goes well.

So, after all the fitting and re-fitting, I’m ready to dismantle my toile and try to replicate the fit in the actual fabric, which is navy with bluey-grey flowers.

Now trying to decide whether to go with navy shoes and fascinator or to use a bright red for some “pop”! Alternatively, I could opt for grey. Guess I’ll know more when the dress is near completion.

Back view

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