I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconut (Macaroons)!

I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconut (Macaroons)!

Okay, so I’ve been very absent online recently. And that’s due to having misplaced my ‘sewing mojo’ somewhere; handsome reward offered for its safe return. It’s mostly been too hot to bake and, although I have been crocheting, what I’m currently making is a present for someone and if I share any details about it they will guess straight away!

Bearing the weather in mind, I opted to make a quick, simple recipe yesterday, courtesy of the Silverspoon caster sugar packet:

I tasted coconut macaroons well before I ever had French ones (both are delicious so, no, I’m not going to choose between them) and I’ve always loved the texture of desiccated coconut. When I saw how ‘no frills’ this recipe was I reckoned it was worth sticking on my fridge for a time when I wanted to bake but not in a hurricane-has-swept-through-the-kitchen kind of way.

Seriously, the trickiest bit about this recipe was probably separating the eggs. Or trying not to use all the melted chocolate up on dipping strawberries (yum!) whilst waiting for the macaroons to bake.

I probably was a little overly cautious about the length of time I baked them; they could perhaps have done with being a little more ‘golden’ than they are. If you’ve ever seen my fried eggs you’ll know I’m not adverse to a bit of under-cooked egg white…

Oh, and I didn’t add the lime zest, by the way. It seemed a bit unnecessary and I didn’t have any so… *insert shoulder shrug and ‘meh’ sound*

They taste rather delicious! 😀


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