Agnes Arrives

No, not the much-coveted Tilly and The Buttons pattern – another Agnes; my new Adjustaform 8-Part Leg Form model!


I’ve been eyeing up this version for a while because the fact you can fit trousers/shorts to it appealed to me, so it’s a little more luxurious than a standard model and thus a little more expensive, but I found the cheapest retailer selling her for £109 (Sewing Machine Sales, if you’re interested, with free P&P) rather than the £159 some places charge.

I opted for Version A as she meets my measurements and she arrived the next day by courier, so I didn’t have long to wait to create ‘the not-so-mini’ me!

I’m an awkward 35-31-42 at the moment, so adjusting the hips but barely touching the bust was a bit of a shock! However, I realised it’s easier to put a stuffed bra of mine (32E) on her and do a 32 inch ‘under’ bust because the shape of the cup affects where I put darts and whatnot. Maybe this isn’t what you’re meant to do but it seems to work so far… If nothing else, it’s quite comical to look at!

I think she has broader shoulders than me so I need to remember this when adding sleeves to anything. The main bonus is I can now work on maxi dresses without tripping over all the skirt fabric.

Thank goodness we have organised more storage in the sewing room (aka guest room) so there’s some floor space for her. It’s a snug room now made even snugger but another way of looking at it is everything is close to hand! We’ve added Ikea shelving with boxes above the day bed and a pegboard for hanging sewing tools on, so it’s less cluttered.

Now I’m trying to catalogue all my patterns by garment type and then list the contents of each folder, which could take forever…



Start of a bodice toile for a Burda Magazine maxi dress

One thought on “Agnes Arrives

  1. I have this body form, it’s great and has transformed my sewing as I can check fit mid sewing now. I don’t use the trousers feature much as it’s a bit fiddly to take it off the stand (the pole goes through one of the leg holes) but nice to have the option! Have fun with her!


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