The Ultimate Project

Last month I’m delighted to say my partner of four and a half years got down on bended knee and gave me a rock to treasure forever. Eek! 😍

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Can’t Tan Kaftan

Can’t Tan Kaftan

I’ve been meaning to make holiday clothes for my forthcoming trip to Sri Lanka since it was booked (much earlier this year!) and although I know exactly what I want, nothing has materialised.

Being a true English Rose, even a hint of sun can burn me so I’ve planned everything with skin sun avoidance in mind. (Before you ask, I’m going to Sri Lanka because my sister lives there – I’m not just some crazy sun-phobic looking to test her durability!) I’ve planned maxi dresses and thin tops, big hats (shop bought) and soft cottony shorts. And, for covering up after swimming, kaftans. I’m not normally a kaftan kinda lady but I am nearly 30 so sense is overtaking style. 😉

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