Wedding Invites

No, not for my wedding. Not yet, anyway.

I’ve been invited to two weddings this year so I’m looking forward to making some party dresses! I think I will revisit the silhouette I passed over in favour of a floor length gown for the wedding I attended last summer, and so either Butterick 6129 or Butterick 5748 are on my list for one of the weddings.

I like the shoulder detail on the 6129 so this is the leading choice at the moment:


I fancy going the whole hog though and adding a net petticoat for some volume!

I’m considering a shift dress with a ruffle of some sort for the other wedding. Along these lines:

Ruffled Shift Dress 03/2016 #120A

Although I’ve always had a penchant for a floral maxi so I won’t rule it out! 😀

I’m guessing a taffeta for the 6129, or maybe a silk dupion? Or a dull Duchess satin? Fabric selection is not a strength of mine so I welcome any advice. Would a brocade work for the 5748 do you think? I’ve ordered a sample of this gold and navy one. Bit more ‘dressy’ than cotton. I don’t like super shiny fabrics as they show all the lumps and bumps so I have to bear that in mind when shopping.




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