The August Wedding Guest Dress

Summer weddings mean light fabrics, florals and pastel colours. For my friend’s recent wedding in Kent, I opted to make something fun but also serious enough for a church ceremony, which to me meant knee length, covered shoulders and a modest neckline.

My thinking for this dress was quite different to the March Wedding Guest Dress I made to account for the season but also for the general mood I sensed each wedding would have. (Only time would tell whether I was right or not!)

I first thought of a dress with a ruffle after seeing this Burda Shift Dress in one of the Burda magazines.


As I have a 34DD chest though, I knew having a ruffle over my bust wasn’t going to look right on me so I needed to keep hunting for a suitable pattern. I also wanted something a little less ‘office clothing’ so it could transition to the evening party well.

I finally settled on the Burda 6920 (View B) pattern, with the ruffle flowing down the length of one side of the body, and loose cap sleeves included.


Finding the right fabric was a bit of a headache. I wanted something similar to the fabric I used for the very first Wedding Guest Dress in terms of it’s drape but in a brighter, more vivid pattern. I considered a lot of options before settling on some from the now rebranded Adam Ross Fabrics; a lovely cotton-blend with a light green background and large flowers in pink and turquoise. It was only around Β£3.50 a metre so it was a bargain!

Like many patterns, the main structure of this dress came together vary quickly. I had meant to grade the pattern up a size from the waist down but I got distracted whilst cutting out and missed out on doing this on the side panels. It made it a bit tight! Fearing I’d either waste all my hard work so far by having to start again or bust a seam along my derriΓ¨re mid-way through the wedding day, I had to come up with a solution. I chose to insert a triangle of fabric (practically a godet, I guess) part way down the back and celebrate it as a design choice! πŸ˜€ It gave it a bit more interest from behind and also lent it a more relaxed, less office-wear, vibe. What d’ya reckon?!

I toyed with the idea of lining it just to achieve a nice, neat look inside but I eventually decided against it mainly because I was worried it would make it too warm to wear if it was a hot summer’s day (which it did turn out to be eventually!).30729563-f357-4358-821d-83795bd409fa

(I’ve only cropped my partner out because I respect his right to privacy, not because I didn’t want him in the photo!!) πŸ˜‰

This time I did get some photos of me wearing it on the day, thanks mainly to my friend Z. I don’t have any of the back with me wearing it so I’ve added these from when I took some photos of the dress on Agnes.DSC_0146




Overall, I was very pleased with the result. I was glad I had opted for a looser fitting dress and in such a breathable, light material. The neckline and sleeves helped prevent me from burning whilst outside for the drinks reception and it felt appropriate to wear in a religious building. And the ruffle had a whale of a time when I was jiving to Chuck Berry! πŸ˜‰

I have another wedding coming up in April 2019 so I’m already thinking about what I’ll be making for that! πŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “The August Wedding Guest Dress

  1. Wow this is beautiful!! I really like the pattern and the fabric that you chose πŸ™‚ I’ve been making some wedding guest dresses as well to prepare for my wedding dress haha πŸ™‚


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