‘Sew With Holly’ Class: Making My First Pair of Trousers!

‘Sew With Holly’ Class: Making My First Pair of Trousers!

As I’ve mentioned before, the idea of making a pair of trousers has always felt a bit out of reach for me, based on a couple of less-than-sucessful projects I’ve attempted. However, I wasn’t about to say ‘never’ – I just knew I needed a bit of expert guidance!

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A Plea

This is a brazen plea for support. I am making my wedding dress and I would love to speak to others who are currently doing the same. At times I feel overwhelmed and need encouragement whereas sometimes I just want to share progress and fun details but without giving away info to my friends and family, whom I’d like to see it for the first time on the day of the wedding.

I’m self-taught so I’m figuring this design out as I go, hence there will be lots of mistakes and challenges along the way! Whether you’re like me or an experienced sewist, it’d be great to connect.

I am not a bridezilla, nor am I looking to leech off someone else’s knowledge – I’d just like to chat to others with the same project on the go at a time when it can feel all-consuming!

Leave me a comment if you want to get on board! 😊

Felicity x

Yes, I Am Still Living…

Photo by Alexandre Godreau on Unsplash


Well, hello! You might be forgiven for thinking I (and this blog) no longer existed due to my prolonged absence. I have been crafting various projects behind the scenes but, for one reason or another, I haven’t blogged about them. It kind of started following the wedding I attended in March, at which I wore a handmade dress. I didn’t get any photos of it on the day and so I kept thinking I must get dressed up again and take some snaps so I could share it. This was during the cold snap (it snowed on the wedding day) so I didn’t get around to it and then I just forgot!

We then remodelled our bathroom (Well, Karl did the actual remodelling – I cleaned up constantly and provided moral support), which resulted in the whole house being covered in dirt and dust and wasn’t particularly conducive to creativity.

Follow this by the hot weather we’ve had this summer and I didn’t have any energy for anything, much less sitting in my hot sewing room or standing in front of the stove. Luckily, the weather is back to good old British unpredictability and so the sewing machine has been unleashed once more!

I will take some photos of the March Wedding Guest Dress soon and blog them! I’m also going to a wedding on Thursday so I will blog the August Wedding Guest Dress too. (They’ll be an April Wedding Guest Dress next year thanks to another friend getting married!)

I’m currently working on a jumpsuit so watch this space for that, and I can now share the Save the Date cards I made for my wedding next year as they have been posted out. 🙂

Yes, I AM BACK! 😀