Hey Pesto!

Hey Pesto!

I made pesto quiche! If I could only stash some nachos in there as well I’d have my three favourite foods all in one meal!  Continue reading “Hey Pesto!”


Slow TV

The ‘Slow Movement’, as it’s called, seemed to emerge (or at least, I started reading about it) last year but it’s essentially just mindfulness in everyday living rather than rushing about and never taking anything in. Basically, we hand crafters have been doing it for far longer than these trendy women’s magazine writers would like to think! 😉 Continue reading “Slow TV”

What’s Cookin’ in the House?


Clearly far too chilled out and tidy to be a photo of me actually cooking… Not to mention the very masculine hands 😉 (Photo by Max Delsid on Unsplash)

As you may well know, I’m no cook. Baking, yes, fire away – I enjoy the creative process (and the eating part isn’t half bad either!). Cooking though is not my cup of tea and it tends to cause me a lot of stress. Karl and I liking and eating quite different foods to one another also causes additional stress, and, as a veggie, I’m limited as to what I will do with meat if I’m cooking – those ‘season and shake’ bags are a bit of a god-send. Continue reading “What’s Cookin’ in the House?”

I need this pattern and fabric – any suggestions?

Hello lovely people,

I’ve fallen in love with this dress:

Whilst I could just splash out the £67 and buy it RTW, this looks like such a delicious project and buying RTW for attending a wedding is kind of against my plans.

So, clever peeps, any ideas about similar dress patterns available to purchase? And, more importantly, what kind of fabric do you reckon this is? I looked at the description on the website but it didn’t say.

I love the navy and the bold floral print so something akin to this would be ideal but I would consider fabric in a different base colour if necessary.

So, any suggestions? Go!

Slapdash Sewing Sins

There are many things I appreciate about the online sewing community but the top most reason they rock is because there’s no snobbery. My other ‘worlds’ have been horses and amateur drama, both zones that seem to attract the worst of the worse in terms of one-up-manship and Keeping Up With The Jones’. There are some perfectly good eggs too but the overlying attitude is one of rigid adherence to hierarchy and self-promotion.

However, I never get this vibe from sewists. Which is why I feel perfectly happy to share with you some of my ‘sewing sins’, many of which I know are not unique to me! Continue reading “Slapdash Sewing Sins”