‘Sew With Holly’ Class: Making My First Pair of Trousers!

‘Sew With Holly’ Class: Making My First Pair of Trousers!

As I’ve mentioned before, the idea of making a pair of trousers has always felt a bit out of reach for me, based on a couple of less-than-sucessful projects I’ve attempted. However, I wasn’t about to say ‘never’ – I just knew I needed a bit of expert guidance!

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A Plea

This is a brazen plea for support. I am making my wedding dress and I would love to speak to others who are currently doing the same. At times I feel overwhelmed and need encouragement whereas sometimes I just want to share progress and fun details but without giving away info to my friends and family, whom I’d like to see it for the first time on the day of the wedding.

I’m self-taught so I’m figuring this design out as I go, hence there will be lots of mistakes and challenges along the way! Whether you’re like me or an experienced sewist, it’d be great to connect.

I am not a bridezilla, nor am I looking to leech off someone else’s knowledge – I’d just like to chat to others with the same project on the go at a time when it can feel all-consuming!

Leave me a comment if you want to get on board! 😊

Felicity x

I need this pattern and fabric – any suggestions?

Hello lovely people,

I’ve fallen in love with this dress:

Whilst I could just splash out the £67 and buy it RTW, this looks like such a delicious project and buying RTW for attending a wedding is kind of against my plans.

So, clever peeps, any ideas about similar dress patterns available to purchase? And, more importantly, what kind of fabric do you reckon this is? I looked at the description on the website but it didn’t say.

I love the navy and the bold floral print so something akin to this would be ideal but I would consider fabric in a different base colour if necessary.

So, any suggestions? Go!