I need this pattern and fabric – any suggestions?

Hello lovely people,

I’ve fallen in love with this dress:

Whilst I could just splash out the £67 and buy it RTW, this looks like such a delicious project and buying RTW for attending a wedding is kind of against my plans.

So, clever peeps, any ideas about similar dress patterns available to purchase? And, more importantly, what kind of fabric do you reckon this is? I looked at the description on the website but it didn’t say.

I love the navy and the bold floral print so something akin to this would be ideal but I would consider fabric in a different base colour if necessary.

So, any suggestions? Go!


Slapdash Sewing Sins

There are many things I appreciate about the online sewing community but the top most reason they rock is because there’s no snobbery. My other ‘worlds’ have been horses and amateur drama, both zones that seem to attract the worst of the worse in terms of one-up-manship and Keeping Up With The Jones’. There are some perfectly good eggs too but the overlying attitude is one of rigid adherence to hierarchy and self-promotion.

However, I never get this vibe from sewists. Which is why I feel perfectly happy to share with you some of my ‘sewing sins’, many of which I know are not unique to me!

1. I’m not very careful with cutting out

Mainly because I find it sooooo boring! That and the fact that I’m usually watching TV whilst crouched on the floor with pins and needles (not literally most of the time…) in my legs and long strands of my hair inadvertently caught up in the pinned fabric.

2. I don’t trace my patterns

Unless it’s Burda Magazine, in which case there’s no choice not to. To be honest, I’d rather save the time now by cutting directly into the pattern and possibly have to spend money in the future buying the pattern again to make a bigger size (though I rarely make patterns twice).

3. I often start a project before I have gathered all the necessary materials

Making a dress without having sourced any lining fabric? Check. Putting a project on hold whilst I try to find a zip in the right colour? Check. Running out of thread in the right colour so just switching to black or white (whichever’s the closest ‘match’)? Check.

4. I don’t like making anything twice

Including sleeves. Or cuffs. Or pockets. In fact, anything within the pattern that comes in pairs! And this includes linings. Obviously, I know I have to but they are usually completed at entirely different times and possibly even cut out at separate times too! This also extends to patterns – the only one I’ve made twice is the Kate Jersey Dress; everything else has been a one-stop.

5. I practically never toile

Except for the Wedding Guest Dress and a shirt I’m currently making, I don’t really bother making a toile. It all comes back to No. 4!

6. If I don’t have to take out basting stitches I won’t; I’ll just sew over the top of them!

If they’re not going to be seen then why waste energy removing them?!

7. I ‘forget’ to follow instructions

Until I screw something up. Then it’s like a mystery game trying to work out what step I’m at and where I went wrong! Sometimes not following the instructions comes down to being impatient, sometimes it’s genuinely ’cause I get so absorbed in sewing I just plough ahead and sometimes it’s because of No. 3. I’m also a very visual learner so the picture on the pattern sleeve often tells me more than the written step-by-step guide.

8. I often buy fabric online without having a clue what it will feel like

Or truly what colour it will be. I could get samples (I only do for expensive fabrics) but it takes so much longer and I’m impatient!

9. Based on No. 1, it’s likely no surprise that I rarely copy pattern markings on to my fabric

And if I do, it’s a rough representation of the original rather than an accurate study.

Okay, now feel free to spill your bad sewing habits! No judgements here!! 😁

Wedding Invites

No, not for my wedding. Not yet, anyway.

I’ve been invited to two weddings this year so I’m looking forward to making some party dresses! I think I will revisit the silhouette I passed over in favour of a floor length gown for the wedding I attended last summer, and so either Butterick 6129 or Butterick 5748 are on my list for one of the weddings. Continue reading “Wedding Invites”

Assistance with Fabric Finding Please!

Hi guys,

I’m in need of some very soft, drapey tulle fabric but every online retailer I’ve bought samples from so far has sent me much crisper, scratchy net instead. It’s for a long skirt with a romantic feel.

Does anyone know of a good retailer I can contact? Ideally one who has a choice of colours but I would consider dying some if I can only find white/off-white.

Thank you!

Lena On Me

Did you know ‘Lena’ means ‘firewood’ in Swedish? And ‘brothel-keeper’ in Latin? No? Why ever not?! 😛

However, in the sewing world, the Lena is a faux wrap dress made in jersey fabric(s), with two sleeve lengths and optional lace overlay. Developed by Simple Sew, the Lena has been on my ‘to sew’ list for a while as I buy plenty of RTW wrap dresses as I love the style of them. I obtained the pattern free with Issue 35 of Love Sewing magazine so I’ve had it for a while.

Continue reading “Lena On Me”