If you’re reading this blog it’s likely you are interested in creative, artsy things too! Or you’re my mother (hi Mum).

Things I like creating:

  1. Blogs (duh!)
  2. Stories
  3. Music (singing)
  4. Sewing projects
  5. Crocheted items (especially chunky knits)
  6. Baked goods (sometimes – I have to be in the right mood)
  7. Beautiful photographs
  8. Letters

I only learnt to crochet in September last year so I’m still new to it but it’s great fun and fairly relaxing. I never really took to knitting but crocheting seems to suit me.

I used to sew all the time as a child – cross-stitch and dolls clothes mostly – but I’ve neglected it as an adult due to a perceived lack of time. But now I have taken the bull by the horns (or the sewing machine by the, er, bobbins?!) and am dedicating 2016 to learning how to make garments, how to do machine embroidery, and basic home furnishings such as making cushions, curtains, bedding, etc. In 2017 I would hope to tackle upholstery so I can revamp some furniture.

Photography used to be the main focus of this blog but as I’m a bit of a fair-weathered photographer and it’s winter, it made sense to branch out. It’s that or make another new blog and I have far too many already.

Baking is something I enjoy at times but I tend to get stuck making the same old same olds. So this is the time to test my tastebuds with something a little more exotic than cheese scones.

Creative writing is one of the few hobbies I’ve always done but I never finish anything. It’s a good outlet but can be so frustrating. I’m a shy author so you won’t be seeing any excerpts on here from me.

Singing is one of my main loves and I used to sing in choirs and drama groups. At the moment I don’t do any of those things but I still love to practise and have certain songs that always cheer me up when I’m low (‘Panis Angelicus’ seems to be able to do this – not sure why!)

Letter writing isn’t something you’ll see on here but I thought it deserved a mention as it’s certainly an art, and almost a lost one at that.

So, tell me if you share any or all of my hobbies, and tell me of any others that I may not like but you find absorbing.