Restlessness equals spontaneous online purchases… I may have just bought an overlocker! 🤤

Jaguar 96 ex-showroom model with 15 year guarantee. New it would cost over £320; I’m getting it for £179! 

It’s probably waaaaaay too professional for the likes of me but I could have paid the same for a much more basic, brand new model so I figure a bit of quality is a good thing to have! 🙂 


A friend tagged me on this on Facebook and so I had to share it with my sewing-fanatic community! 

We used to car share a lot for work and so she was the sensible voice in my ear when the fabric-hungry demons were tempted! 🙂

Inspired by this pretty bowl when I visited Coughton Court (National Trust) earlier; wouldn’t it make a lovely fabric print?

And someone at the house has been crafting away – loving these beautiful paper roses as the centrepiece. Stunning. 😍

And a little momento of our visit – a cast iron bunny! Yeah, it might look like chocolate but I can assure you it would hurt a lot more if it landed on your toe! (Strategically placed where Rodney – the real rabbit – has a tendency to think it’s okay to wee… Hopefully this will deter him!)