Why ‘Creative Little Cwtch’? It doesn’t make any sense?!

Doesn’t it?! 

I think it does but then I’m a bit weird! 

I used to live in Wales and I loved it. I never learnt much Welsh but ‘cwtch’ is just such a wonderful expressive word that I use it all the time! The first time I heard it I was confused – I was told by another midwife to ‘give that baba a cwtch’… Did she mean medicine? Or some type of soothing remedy to its howls? She laughed and said ‘You know, a cwtch! A big old cuddle!’ 

So cwtch to me sums up big, snuggly, safe and warm cuddles. 

I then had a blog site called Lovely Little Cwtch (discontinued) and then followed Book Cwtch. That made sense because a good book ‘envelops’ you like a hug does!

Creative Little Cwtch is an extension of my Cwtch ‘range’ and because it’s all about making stuff, it’s got to have the word creative in there. And cosying up on a weekend with some yarn and a hook or fabric and a needle; flour and eggs; a digital lens and a view are all heart-warming, all encompassing things to do. So it’s a ‘creative hug’! 🙂 And everything sounds cosier with the word ‘little’ in it! 

Does it make sense now?!